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Ten Year Anniversary Meeting!

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The Story of Erik, Prince of Demark

Many years ago, Erik, the Prince of Denmark, discovered a trace that could lead him to the Holy Grail. To follow his tracks, one needs to first look for the old Viking boat that can bring one across to Denmark.

The Prince reports in his chronicles about a mysterious coin with a Grail symbol on it, which he claims to once have found in Greece.

On one of his many trails however, the Prince lost the coin when his purse dropped into the nearby river. Luckily it then got stuck down in the valley in the wheel of the old mill. And that is where he was able to find it again.

As it was apparently a Greek coin, the Prince then traveled to Greece. In the shadow of the three columns of „Akropolis“ he discovered inside a fountain the Oracle of Sand. It revealed to him, among other things, that the coin was not actually of Greek but rather of Ottoman origin.

As he was in the neighborhood anyway, the Prince decided to pay a quick visit to the nearby little Ottoman capital to see if he could acquire another trace there. On his way he rested in the shadow of a huge chestnut tree and fell asleep. In his dream he had Marco Polo appear, explaining that the coin was rubbish and that he should rather bring it to Cortina and acquire a wonderful new invention there, which had to do with frozen water and cream.

The Prince was so excited about this refreshing invention that he happily invested his Grail symbol coin and he then decided to pay a visit to a good friend, the pastor of a nearby church.

The Prince told the pastor about the tasty new invention and in exchange for this information the pastor revealed another trace to the Prince, as to how he could find the Holy Grail.

The pastor did send the Prince into the African savannah. A very dangerous lion lived there, which was not only bird-headed but also had a flat tire! The hunter, who had managed to tie the lion to the tree, explained to the Prince that the Romans had taken away the Grail and were hiding it in their thermal springs

One assumes that the Grail is still to be found in this area today, as Erik ran out of time to collect it, because in the meantime the news of the marriage of his uncle with his mother had reached him. And we all know how that ends when you are a Prince of Denmark...

Just before his return to Denmark the Prince remember his quest for the Grail again and noted in his long lost diary the necessary hints to find the Grail. Maybe, one day, somebody will be able to recover these notes...